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Qarbon Aerospace is emerging as a leader in the production of aerospace components and product integration to the aerospace industry. As we continue to grow, Qarbon Aerospace is striving to become the Supplier of choice for aerospace prime contractors. We also endeavor to be the Customer of choice for our Suppliers. As Qarbon Aerospace is continually on the move to improve this position, our industry demands a total commitment to continuous quality improvement and process performance from both Qarbon Aerospace and our Suppliers. The Qarbon Aerospace Portal is a password protected website that provides a secure access point for Qarbon Aerospace and its Suppliers to view customized Supplier requirements information as well as documents and contract information. Qarbon Aerospace values its suppliers and partners and thank our suppliers for helping us in our continued growth.

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Anti slavery – 52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons. | Acquisition.GOV

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Approved Service Providers

Verify Inc. (Vendor Surveillance Corporation)

2445 Gateway Drive, Suite 160

Irving, TX 75063

Primary Contact: Lindy Nguyen Program Manager

Phone: 972-957-3132 | Cell Phone: 817-437-0688  | E-Mail:

Secondary Contact: Verify Field Coordinator

Phone: 949-622-1200 | E-Mail:

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